As one of the nation’s leading law firms holding corporations accountable for frauds committed against consumers, Friedman Law is also committed to preventing fraud against the government by assisting whistleblowers in qui tam actions. As a Washington based law firm, we are uniquely situated to partner with other firms and to assist you in holding accountable those who would defraud the US taxpayer.

If you are in an inside position to suspect fraud against the government, are aware of tax frauds or underpayments, or have knowledge of securities law violations, we can help you formulate your complaint and apprise you of your rights and obligations as a conscientious individual looking to expose a fraud committed against the US government. The following federal statutory provisions contain the most notable whistleblower reward programs:

  • False Claims Act (the most well- known and well-established of whistleblower protection laws typically encompasses claims for Medicare, Medicaid and defense contractor fraud although also does include other government contractors)
  • Dodd-Frank (new provisions enhance whistleblower protections for securities law violations when, most typically, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recovers funds because of the whistleblowers information
  • Tax Relief and Health Act (new provisions provide whistleblower programs for those reporting inside information about tax fraud or tax underpayments)

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