Legal & Political Strategy


As attorneys for public officials, candidates for office, political action committees, state and local parties and some of the most influential lobbying organizations in America, we understand the need for comprehensive thinking in addressing legal and political issues.

Legal advice is not just about making sure a client complies with the law. It is also about anticipating problems and recognizing that in matters involving public policy, a client needs to understand more than just what the law permits. In Washington, in particular, the appearances of impropriety can often be more damaging than actual compliance with the law.

As experienced attorneys, Friedman Law can certainly advise you on the fine points of the Federal Election Campaign Act, the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and the host of legal and ethical landmines lining the corridors of Washington. But that is only the start. In Washington, you not only need an attorney, you need counsel. Friedman Law provides both.

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